Why Contacts Are Right For You

Why Contacts Are Right For You In Manchester CT

Our optometrist at Prudhomme Vision in Manchester CT offers all types of contact lenses, including soft, hard toric, multifocal and colored.

Benefits of Contact Lenses from our Optometry Clinic

It can be a hard decision to switch from glasses to contacts for your daily vision correction, but our optometry clinic can help you make the transition and enjoy the benefits of wearing contact lenses for your vision correction.

The biggest benefit to wearing contact lenses is a broader field of view. Glasses only allow you to see clearly when you look straight ahead. Contact lenses move with your eye so that you have both straight ahead vision and side vision.

If you play sports or exercise on a regular basis, contacts can be more convenient because they will not slide off your face or get sweaty and need cleaned while you burn calories and get into better shape.

Contact lenses are also not susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity like glasses, which means you do not have to worry about your contact lenses fogging or getting wet.

Your new contact lenses also will not clash with your clothing. Contacts match perfectly with athletic wear, professional attire and evening wear.

You Contact Lens Appointment with our Manchester Optometrist

Contact lens appointments with our Manchester optometrist are slightly more involved than a glasses exam, but they include a comprehensive eye health exam that checks for certain eye diseases, like glaucoma, AMD and dry eye. Then, our eye doctor tests your eyes to determine your contact lens prescription. Lastly, a set of contact lenses will be fitted into your eyes, and your new lenses will be ordered. If you need multifocal or colored contact lenses, our eye doctor provides them so that you can have exactly the contact lenses you need to feel and see your best.

To schedule an appointment with our optometrist for a contact lens exam, call us at (860) 644-3364.

What are your reasons for choosing contacts over glasses for your vision correction?

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