When to See an Optometrist

When You Experience Pain or Irritation in the Eyes

Whenever you have pain in an eye, it is best to contact our optometrist to determine the cause. Pain could be a symptom associated with a sinus problem or the common cold. However, it may also be because there is a foreign body in the eye or an optical problem. Our optometrist will look at your eyes to see if they notice something inside that is causing you discomfort. If not, they will conduct tests to check your eyes for medical difficulties.

When You Have Trouble Seeing as You Normally Do

If you are having a problem with your vision, it is best to schedule an exam to find out if you require corrective lenses or a prescription change if you already use them. Most people will notice they are having trouble reading signs or will have difficulty seeing words on an electronic device or in a book. You may also notice that items are no longer sharp in appearance but that they instead have a fuzzy look. If this is happening to you, contact our practice for an evaluation.

When it is Time for Your Annual Exam

It is best to see our optometrist at least once a year. This way, if you are suffering from a medical condition or have an eye disease, treatment can be administered promptly so your vision does not deteriorate more.  During this exam, our optometrist will also check your vision so glasses or contacts can be prescribed if necessary.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

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