When Should I Seek Treatment for Dry Eyes?

At Prudhomme Vision, our optometrist in Manchester CT offers a number of services for your ocular health and wellness. In addition to routine exams and optical services, we also offer diagnosis, treatment, and management options for many common eye conditions. Dry eye is perhaps the most common eye condition we see in patients. It can be very debilitating and uncomfortable to experience, but our experienced eye care team can help you find relief.

Symptoms of Dry Eye (And When to See an Eye Doctor)

Dry eye occurs when the tear glands in one or both eyes are unable to produce enough moisture to keep the eyes lubricated. As a result, the eyes become inflamed and irritated. The most common symptoms of dry eye include a feeling of constantly having something stuck in your eyes, persistent eye redness, and general eye pain. Some people who suffer from dry eye also report that they experience sensitivity to light.

Sometimes, store-bought eye drops or artificial tears can help to make up for the lack of moisture produced by the tear ducts, but not always. If you haven’t had any success treating your dry eye condition with artificial tears, it’s time to see an eye doctor for further evaluation.

Dry Eye Treatment From Our Eye Doctor

Our eye doctor offers custom-tailored dry eye treatment solutions to help you find dry eye relief. We’ll want to begin with a thorough evaluation in our office, where we will work to determine the root cause of your dry eye. For example, we may recommend prescription eye drops as a means of relieving dryness and properly lubricating your eyes. In some cases, immunosuppressive medications or even tear duct plugs may be recommended for the most effective treatment. Each patient is evaluated and treated on an individual basis because the specific treatment needed for dry eye can vary from one patient to the next.

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