What Are High-Index Lenses? Our Optometrist has the answers.

What Exactly Are High Index Lenses?

Decades ago, bifocals might have been considered high index glasses. This was mainly due to their strong visual benefits. People with difficulty focusing on objects at great or nearby distances needed strong magnifying glasses to see. An optometrist would write a lot of prescriptions for people diagnosed with severe visual problems. Thanks to new and improved eyewear design science and optometry can now offer wearers something better, high index lenses.

High index lenses are lighter, thinner and visually attractive. They are designed to be lightweight in general and thin around the edges. High index lenses are perfect for people who require a strong prescription. These are the people that typically suffer from myopia or nearsightedness, or difficulty focusing on far objects; while, people with hyperopia are both far and nearsighted.

Properties of High Index Lenses

High index lens has the ability to bend light or light rays so that the wearer can maintain a clear vision. Decades ago, “Coke bottle” eyeglasses was the only way to ensure optimal vision. These glasses were as thick as soda bottles, unattractive, and somewhat heavier in weight. Unlike high index lenses which have anti-reflective properties, the coke bottle design did not. Consider these advantages of high index lenses as compared to the regular lenses:

  • Lighter-thinner lenses
  • Less visual distortion
  • Make for people suffering from nearsightedness and farsightedness
  • Better scratch proof protection
  • Made from dense-harder material
  • Reflective lenses
  • Bend sunrays and glare

Better Design to Look and Fit Better. Call Our Optometrist in Manchester, CT Today!

All lenses are not created equal. Our optometrist in Manchester CT can prescribe you a pair of high index lenses to help you with your vision. The coating on your lenses, called AR coating provides your lenses with around the clock protection. This coating protects your lenses from the harmful UV ray, which is damaging to your eyes. Over time, and through excessive usage, lenses become damaged or scratched. To get your new pair of High Index Lenses, call your friendly optometrist. You can reach us at Prudhomme Vision in Manchester CT (860) 612-8681.

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