The Wide World of Contact Lens Options

A Variety of Contact Lens Options in Manchester

You may be surprised or confused by the sheer variety of contact lenses available these days. Here are some of the primary choices to consider.

Daily wear soft – These disposable lenses offer the ultimate in comfort, sanitation and convenience for many users. Simply wear them once, throw them away, and grab a new pair. These lenses take very little time to get used to.

Extended wear – If you would rather wear the same pair of lenses for several days at a time without removing them, extended wear lenses may be for you. These lenses are designed to be disposable following up to 6 days of use.

Planned replacement – These alternatives to daily wear soft lenses let you go for weeks or months at a time before switching to a new pair. While they do not necessarily correct all prescriptions, most patients can get reasonably good results from them.

Rigid gas-permeable (RGP) – These hard plastic lenses will last as long as your prescription remains the same, at least with proper cleaning and care. They can be a little less comfortable and convenient than other lenses, but they also produce the sharpest vision correction available.

Colored lenses – If you never liked your eye color, change it!  Colored contacts can intensify your natural eye color or (in the case of opaque contacts) even alter the color completely — without affecting your clarity of vision.

Bifocal/multifocal lenses – After the age of 40, it’s natural for the lens to become stiffer, which causes it to lose some of its focusing ability. But instead of settling for bifocal or multifocal glasses, today’s vision patients can order contact lenses that correct multiple fields of vision.

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