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Sports Vision Treatment in Manchester

Here at Prudhomme Vision, our eye doctor can test your eyes for refractive errors and other problems that could be affecting your ability to play sports. Sports vision testing has been proven beneficial for individuals who need vision correction and who have 20/20 vision. This is because playing sports requires more than clear sight. You must be able to follow objects and anticipate the movements of balls, bats and other players.


Benefits of Sports Vision Testing with our Manchester Optometrist

When children and adults participate in recreational activities and sports, they need to be able to track and follow people and objects. They need to be able to tell how far away a flying or falling ball is located, and they need to be able to react with precision. Vision testing for sports performance is an effective way of finding problems with visual acuity, depth perception, contrast perception and hand/eye coordination. Once the problems are found, a treatment program can be developed to correct these visual problems.

Vision Testing with our Optometrist in Manchester

Vision testing for sports performance is more in depth than a regular eye exam. Along with testing your visual acuity with a Snellen eye chart, our optometrist in Manchester will test your ability to identify contrasts and track movement. We will determine if your eyes are properly aligned and working together. We will determine if you have a dominate eye and the degree of the dominance, and we will test your depth perception.

Once our optometrist in Manchester has all the results of the tests, we will recommend a treatment program to improve any eye deficiencies. This could include corrective lenses and vision therapy as well as other treatment options.

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How has vision testing with our Manchester optometrist helped improve your game?

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