Sports Eye Safety

When thinking about eye care, sports eye safety isn’t always the first thing to come to mind. And yet, sports-related eye injuries are common reasons for visiting the emergency room. While some sports injuries are mild, others have life-altering impacts on a person’s vision. That is why anybody who plays sports should practice some basic eye safety. You can save yourself a lot of pain, money, and time, by taking some simple precautions for eye protection. At Prudhomme Vision in Manchester, our optometrists are more than happy to help you choose the right sports eyewear for your needs.

Sports That Cause Eye Injuries

Any sport involving moving objects can be dangerous to eye safety. A basketball, a baseball, a hockey puck, or a tennis ball can directly hit a person’s eye, causing serious harm. Sports that require close physical contact with rival competitors can also prove to be hazardous. Your eye’s health is at serious risk if it hits a moving hand, elbow, arm, or kick. For this reason, protecting your eyes from injuries are essential.

How to Practice Eye Safety

On the bright side, most sports-related eye injuries are preventable. The best thing you can do to prevent serious injury is to wear protective gear. There are safety goggles available to guard the eyes and the face. Eye guards will give you the best amount of protection as this type of eyewear is specifically designed to guard the eyes against outside effects. You can also wear general face guards.

You can check in with an optometrist as well. Optometry specialists can provide you eye care tailored to meet your sporting needs. Optometrists are able to provide eye gear and perform sports vision testing that checks the performance ability of your eyes. Some eye doctors will also perform surgery in the event of a sports injury.

Eye Care in Manchester, CT

If you’re an athlete in the Manchester area, Prudhomme Vision can help you out. Sports vision testing is among our specialties. Contact us today at (860) 644-3364 to schedule an appointment for sports vision training, or for more information about our optometry services.

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