Vision Therapy in South Windsor

Vision therapy is a type of treatment provided by our optometrist here in South Windsor, CT. We offer this therapy to help our patients improve their vision. If you are interested in choosing vision therapy services at Prudhomme Vision, start by learning more about this type of treatment. Then schedule your appointment for vision therapy with our optometrist Dr. Jeremy Prudhomme.

What is Vision Therapy

If you want to improve your ability to control eye movements and eye coordination, then vision therapy may be the right solution for you. With vision therapy, we work with you to train your eye muscles so that you have more control. In addition, our optometrist will provide you with vision testing that helps to identify the exact areas that need training. Vision exercises may include computerized training programs or the use of specialized contact lenses.

Conditions Treated by Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is beneficial for a wide range of vision issues and eye conditions. These include convergence, lazy eyes, color perception, visual perception, and peripheral vision. You can also use vision therapy to help improve gross visual-motor and fine visual-motor skills. If you are diagnosed with certain vision disorders including diplopia or strabismus, vision therapy is a viable treatment option.

What to Expect With Vision Therapy

Before you begin vision therapy you will undergo a comprehensive eye exam and vision testing to correctly diagnose your vision or eye needs. From there, our optometry doctor will create a customized treatment program that accommodates your busy lifestyle and your vision therapy goals. Once you begin your treatment you will be provided with periodic vision testing to check the vision therapy results. Individual results vary based on the severity of the vision or eye condition that is being treated. However, without the use of eye surgery, you will be able to see some results once you begin your vision therapy treatments. Vision therapy is also ideal for school-aged children who are still in the development stage of their eye and vision.

Choose Our South Windsor, CT Optometrist

At Prudhomme Vision, our optometrist in South Windsor, CT Dr. Jeremy Prudhomme is highly recommended for vision therapy services. In addition to offering vision therapy, Dr. Prudhomme specializes in eye exams for the entire family. As part of our vision therapy services, we also offer sports vision and computer vision. These vision therapy solutions improve your visibility when playing sports or when using a computer on a regular basis.

We also provide vision correction including eyeglasses and contacts, as well as treatment and management of eye diseases. To schedule your eye doctor consultation and vision testing, please call Prudhomme Vision at (860) 644-3364 and make an appointment.