Sports Vision FAQ’s in South Windsor, CT

Typically when you think about going to see your optometrist at Prudhomme Vision in South Windsor, CT you have a vision problem. But what if you could go to your eye doctor to get help to make your good vision great? This is the goal of sports vision services that we offer patients. Learn more about what sports vision is able to do for your vision.

What is Sports Vision and How Can It Help My Game?

Sports vision involves a series of vision tests that allow your optometry provider to help you improve your vision. Generally our patients come to us to correct vision problems, such as nearsightedness or astigmatism. However with sports vision testing this gives us the information to help give you a vision advantage. Our vision testing services allow us to improve your current vision in specific areas. This allows you to do better at sports by being able to see more sharply. For example, a golfer who wants to improve their game can use sports vision testing to help look for breaks in the greens.

What are the Most Common Types of Sports Vision Tests?

Vision testing associated with sports vision include dynamic visual acuity to help you see objects in motion more clearly. We use eye tracking screens to help you keep your eye on moving objects. Eye focusing allows you to refocus on new objects, such as moving players, more quickly. Another visual skill that can benefit sports players is peripheral awareness. By improving this mode of vision we can help you see things outside of your peripheral vision more easily. In other words, you will be able to see things happening from the corners of your eyes, which opens up a whole field of vision. Depth perception testing allows your optometrist to help you improve the depth of traveling objects, such as arrows or balls. In combination each of these sports vision training methods allow us to help you refocus and see the action more efficiently.

Why Should I Consider Sports Vision Training With Our South Windsor Optometrist?

If you want to improve your game without the use of unsafe sports enhancing drugs, then sports vision testing is a great place to start. In addition to offering sports vision training we also provide you with the tools to be able to play the game in safety. For example, we offer prescription sports eye glasses and contacts here at your South Windsor optometrist. This way you can protect your vision in comfort without worrying about blocking your view. In particular, our sports glasses are made especially to fit your vision prescription, as well as being made with ultra-strength materials to hold up during sporting events.

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We are excited to help you with our sports vision testing and training. As your favorite optometrist in South Windsor, CT we hope we have answered most of your questions about sports vision. Give us a call at Prudhomme Vision in South Windsor, CT at (860) 644-3364 to schedule an appointment for sports vision testing and training.