Pediatric Eye Exams From Your South Windsor Optometrist

Prudhomme Vision is proud to be your optometrist in South Windsor, CT and provide full pediatric optometry services to our friends and neighbors in the area. Good vision habits begin in childhood and pediatric eye exams are an important part of maintaining your child’s vision health. Pediatric eye exams allow us to check your infant’s eyes to ensure that they are developing appropriately. This early exam also allows us the chance to begin treatment for any abnormalities or eye conditions that they may have. Early detection and diagnosis can often increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Following your child’s initial exam around the 6-month mark, we recommend that they receive comprehensive testing and a thorough eye exam at their 3rd and 6th birthdays. During their school years, it is typical to have their vision tested every two years unless there is an issue that requires treatment. Proper eye care can help your child understand how important vision care is to maintain clear eyesight for many years to come.

What to Expect at Your Child’s Pediatric Eye Exam

Our optometry team recommends that your child’s first vision exam should occur shortly after they turn six months old. At this appointment, we will conduct an exam that will show us if the brain and the eyes are communicating as expected. Realizing that every child develops at their own pace, we utilize these guidelines are useful benchmarks to track your child’s progress. 

  •  Physical exam of the eyes (Dr. Prudhomme will use a penlight during this part of the exam)
  • Each eye will be tested separately to ensure that your child is able to follow an object and the brain and eyes are communicating properly
  • We will have your child follow a toy or other object to make sure that the eyes work together as expected
  • We will review your family’s medical and eyesight history, as many eye conditions and diseases are hereditary

Our team is dedicated to providing the vision care that your entire family needs and our pediatric care is comprehensive and caring. We will do all that we can to make the experience as stress-free for your infant as possible. If we detect any issues or potential problems we will discuss them with you and make sure that all of your questions are answered. 

Is it Time to Start Your Child’s Vision Care? Call us Today to Schedule Their Pediatric Exam

We are proud to provide pediatric care to our patients in the greater South Windsor area; call us today at (860) 644-3364 to schedule your child’s eye exam. Prudhomme Vision is conveniently located at 194 Buckland Hills Drive.