Selecting the right glasses or sunglasses for your face starts with clarifying the options that fit. When you visit a South Windsor optometrist for an eye exam and we recommend glasses to correct your vision, you want to ensure that you get the right pair of glasses. A fitting gives you the opportunity to avoid uncomfortable glasses that slide forward, fall off or feel tight.

Sizes for Glasses

The first part of a fitting for your glasses or new sunglasses is clarifying your size. Glasses are available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes. In most cases, the glasses break down into small, medium and large sizes or companies may offer measurements to determine the size of the glasses.

A South Windsor optometrist in our clinic helps you clarify the right size based on the measurements of your eyes and face. We also evaluate your comfort level when you try on different glasses.

Lenses and Shapes

While the sizes of the glasses are a key part of the fitting, we also look at the lenses and the shape of the lenses to help you find the right options for your situation. The shape of the lenses depends on your preferences for style and your face shape.

After trying on different glasses with various shapes, you also want to consider the size of the lenses. If the lenses seem small and do not properly cover your eyes, then they may distract from important tasks. You want to see clearly without the frames causing a distraction by cutting across your vision. Ideally, you want lenses that cover the eyes and allow you to see clearly. If you notice the frame or it distracts from your vision, then you may benefit from larger lenses or from lenses with a different shape.

Finding the Right Glasses or Sunglasses in South Windsor, CT

Finding the right glasses or sunglasses in South Windsor, CT starts with evaluating your specific goals and situation. You want lenses that help you see clearly and that fit in with your style preferences. You also want to ensure that the frames fit your face comfortably without causing problems when you look down or change the direction of your gaze.

By working with an optometrist, you ensure that your new frames will fit comfortably. We take measurements to find the right size and we discuss your preferences for the lenses before showing different options. We also allow you to try on different frames to find the options that feel comfortable. Focus on frames that do not cause discomfort due to the size, fit or the weight of the frame. It should not feel tight or loose when you wear corrective lenses.

Fittings are an essential part of finding the right options to correct your vision. When you need prescription lenses or sunglasses, you want to select a comfortable fit that does not cause distractions or pain. To learn more about finding the right glasses or to set up an appointment, contact us at (860) 644-3364 today.