Vision Exams

Preventive eye exams are vital to maintaining good eye health. In fact, the American Optometric Association recommends everyone receive eye exams at least every two years, regardless of whether you’re at risk for eye disease.

Schedule your regular eye exams in South Windsor at Prudhomme Vision. We’re proud to offer comprehensive eye exams for everyone in your family.

Without a regular vision exam, eye problems may go unnoticed. However, when you see an optometrist in South Windsor, eye conditions can be diagnosed early. In many cases, an early diagnosis along with the right treatment will prevent or restore vision loss.

What happens during a vision exam?

During your exam, one of our optometrists will inform you of any symptoms or issues you are experiencing with your eyes, including blurry vision. He’ll also want to know which medications you take regularly and what type of work you do. You’ll also be asked to assess your overall health and to tell us about your family’s medical history and any eye or vision conditions.  This information will be used to diagnose and treat any vision conditions you may have.

Comprehensive Eye Exams in South Windsor

Your comprehensive eye exam in South Windsor will determine your overall eye health using a visual examination and tonometry. One of our optometrists will inspect your eye and eyelids using a magnifying glass and a light. The internal parts of you eye will also be examined. Dilation may be used so that we are able to see your optic nerve and other internal structures. We use tonometry to measure eye pressure. If eye pressure if increased, it could be a sign of glaucoma. These tests are brief and cause no pain or discomfort. We will then review your results and, if warranted, discuss your treatment options.

What is Vision Testing?

By getting regular vision testing, you’re certain to have the clearest vision possible. Our South Windsor optometrist offers vision acuity testing during comprehensive exams. To check your ability to see, you’ll be asked to read from eye and reading charts. Your results are given as a fraction. The best vision is 20/20. If your results are less than 20/20, our optometrists may recommend corrective lenses in the form of eyeglasses or contacts. In some cases, eye exercises may help improve vision acuity.

During your comprehensive eye exam, we’ll also assess your eye functionality. Our optometrists use a variety of tests to evaluate:

  • Depth Perception
  • Color Vision
  • Eye Muscle Capabilities
  • Peripheral Vision
  • Responsiveness to Light

We’ll also perform a few other simple tests to determine if your eyes are focusing, moving and working together as they should. Depending on the results, our optometrists will be able to determine if any underlying conditions are impacting your eyes’ ability to work together.

If you’re ready to schedule an eye exam in South Windsor for yourself and your family, please call us for an appointment at (860) 644-3364. We look forward to taking care of your eye care needs.