One-Day Contact Lenses at Prudhomme Vision

Contact lenses represent a major technological leap forward n the history of eye care, and today’s contacts utilize more advanced materials and fabrication techniques than ever. It may seem like a puzzling irony, then, that many contact lenses are designed to be worn for just one day and then discarded. But one-day contact lenses can serve as a very sensible and convenient means of correcting your vision — and here at Prudhomme Vision in South Windsor, we can help you determine whether they’re right for you.

When Daily Disposable Lenses Make Sense

There will always be situations in which a pair of “permanent” or extended wear contact lenses suit specific needs best. An especially tricky prescription, for example, may benefit from rigid gas permeable lenses, with a single pair cleaned, sterilized, and reused on a regular basis until the prescription changes. But if you have a relatively simple or mild corrective prescription, you can probably do just fine with a set of daily disposable lenses. Why might you consider going this direction? Here are some good reasons:

  • You may not want to bother with cleaning and sterilizing the same pair of contacts over and over again — which is an absolute must if you want to reuse them. Daily disposable contacts are only worn once, eliminating the need for this routine.
  • You may not like the constant worry over losing or damaging your one-and-only pair of contacts. If you lose a par of daily disposable lenses, you can simply reach for tomorrow’s pair of contacts and wear them today.
  • You may find that even your best efforts to keep contacts clean just aren’t good enough to prevent irritating conditions such as allergies or giant papillary conjunctivitis. In that case, you’ll find one-day contacts more comfortable.

Are One-Day Contact Lenses Right for You? Our Optometrist Can Tell You

You can’t really know whether one-day contact lenses are right for you until you’ve undergone a contact lens exam. Your optometrist on the Prudhomme Vision team will talk to you about your corrective prescription, lifestyle, and ocular health while measuring your eyes to ensure a proper fit. If you need more advanced vision correction than daily disposable lenses can provide, for instance, we will encourage you to get the specialty contacts you need for optimal eyesight. But if you’re a good candidate for one-day contacts, we will be happy to provide you with a steady supply of them.

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