Can People With Dry Eyes Wear Contact Lenses?

If you struggle with dry eyes, you may be apprehensive about trying to wear contact lenses. Perhaps you had a bad experience with contact lenses in the past, or maybe you simply don’t think they would be comfortable. While it can take some trial and error, people with dry eyes often can comfortably wear contact lenses. It’s important to work with a professional eye care office that has staff experienced with helping people with dry eyes find contact lenses that work for them. At Prudhomme Vision in South Windsor, our eye care team will help you find contact lenses that fit comfortably, without exacerbating your dry eye symptoms.

Dry Eyes And Contact Lenses: What You Need To Know

Many people with dry eyes don’t think that contact lenses are an option for them. At Prudhomme Vision, we pride ourselves on helping most people who are interested in contact lenses find a variety and brand that are a good fit, even with issues such as dry eyes. Here’s what you need to know if you have dry eyes and want to wear contact lenses.

It may take some trial and error to find the brand of contact lens that’s perfect for your eyes. It’s important that you communicate with our eye doctor if you’re experiencing discomfort or an increase in dry eye symptoms while wearing your contact lenses. We’re here to help, and we want to make sure that wearing contacts is a comfortable and safe experience for you.

If you have dry eyes, it’s especially important that you replace your contact lenses as often as recommended by our eye care doctor. Many people attempt to make contact lenses last longer than recommended in order to save money. While this is a bad idea for anyone, it’s especially dangerous for people who already suffer from dry eyes.

Lastly, if you have dry eyes, be sure to disinfect your contacts every night (unless you wear daily disposable lenses, in which case you’ll simply discard your lenses after use). People who have dry eyes may struggle to flush debris out of their eyes, making the eyes more susceptible to injury from dust and other debris that can accumulate on the lens surface.

Call Our South Windsor Optometrist

If you have dry eyes and interested in contact lenses, call our optometrist to set up an appointment. At Prudhomme Vision in South Windsor, we take pride in helping our patients with all of their family eye care needs. Call our office today at (860) 644-3364. We look forward to working with you.