Colored Contacts FAQ with Our Manchester CT Optometrist

Although many people in Manchester CT who need corrective lenses choose to get contacts, colored contacts are less common. As a result, many interested patients know little about colored contacts and how they work. In this FAQ, our Manchester CT optometrist will answer questions about colored contacts, so you’ll know if colored contacts are right for you.

How do colored contacts differ from normal contacts?

Colored contacts have the same corrective abilities as normal contacts. The biggest difference between colored contacts and standard contacts is that colored contacts have coloring around the iris.

Do colored contacts look natural?

Colored contacts are designed to mimic the natural appearance of the iris. Colored contacts may have lines, dots and other details similar to natural eyes. However, some colors may look slightly unnatural on some patients, depending on their physical characteristics. The colors that look the most natural with your eyes will depend on your skin type, natural eye color, hair color and other details.

Do colored contacts hurt?

Colored contacts are designed to be comfortable for the wearer, which means that your colored contacts should not hurt. If your contacts do hurt, you should have them evaluated by a professional.

If you want to get colored contacts, what should you do?

If you want to get colored contacts, you’ll first need to get evaluated by our Manchester CT optometrist. Come to our optometry center and tell our eye doctor that you would like to be evaluated for colored contact lenses. Our optometrist will give you a series of tests to check for refractive error and overall eye health. Once our  Manchester CT optometrist has evaluated your condition, he or she will prescribe the right set of contact lenses for your eyes.

Can you wear colored contacts even if you don’t need corrective lenses?

Yes, you can wear colored contacts even if you don’t need glasses or contact lenses. However, colored contacts must still be prescribed by our Manchester CT optometrist, which means that you’ll need to have an examination and get the contacts properly fitted.

Do the colors on colored contacts last?

Yes, the colors on colored contacts are designed to last. They should not fade with time.

Can colored contacts change the color of brown eyes?

Colored contacts can change the color of brown eyes. To ensure that your colored contacts will work with your eyes, talk to your optometrist. He or she can show you which colored contacts will work best with your eyes.

Where can you go to get colored contacts in Manchester CT?

At Prudhomme Vision in Manchester CT, we help patients find the right contact lenses for their eyes. If you would like to try colored contacts, stop in today for an evaluation and prescription. We’ll be happy to help you get the right contacts for your eyes. For more information, contact us at (860) 644-3364.