Our South Windsor Eye Doctor Answers Frequently Asked Questions about Computer Vision

I use a computer and am having eye problems and headaches. What could it be?

It may be computer vision syndrome (CVS). Your South Windsor eye doctor can evaluate your eyes to determine if you have computer vision syndrome.

What is CVS?

Also known as digital eyestrain, computer vision syndrome is a group of eye and vision problems resulting from extended computer use.

What are the symptoms of computer vision syndrome?

Symptoms of computer vision syndrome include headaches, loss of focus, double vision, blurred vision, and red, tired, burning eyes. Some patients experience neck and shoulder pain.

What causes CVS?

Your eyes react differently to characters on a digital screen than they do to characters on a printed page. Your eyes can easily focus on the dense black characters of a printed word, which usually have well-defined edges, but have more difficulty focusing on characters on a computer screen that do not have the same degree of contrast and definition.

What is so bad about reading a digital screen?

When reading characters on a digital screen, your eyes want to drift around to find something easier to focus on, which optometrists refer to as the “resting point of accommodation” (RPA). Your eyes involuntarily drift to the RPA then strain to regain focus back on your computer screen. This constant drift and strain flexes the muscles of the eye responsible for focusing. As with any muscle, continuous flexing of the focusing muscles causes fatigue and strain.

How many people suffer from computer vision syndrome?

The typical U.S. worker spends about seven hours on a computer each day, according to the American Optometric Association, and 58 percent of workers suffer symptoms of computer vision syndrome as the result.

What can I do to reduce my risk for computer vision syndrome?

Talk to our eye doctor to learn how you can reduce your risk for eyestrain and computer vision syndrome. Make sure our South Windsor optometrist specializes in computer vision care so that you can undergo a computer vision exam, which includes tests to detect vision problems associated with computer vision syndrome. Our eye doctor may prescribe computer eyeglasses to reduce your risk for CVS and to make it more comfortable to work at the computer.

Will computer eyeglasses help reduce CVS?

Yes, these glasses eliminate the constant focusing your eyes go through when reading a computer screen.

What should I do if I think that I have or someone in my family has computer vision syndrome?

If you use a computer or other digital device and are having symptoms of computer vision syndrome, make an appointment with our optometrist in South Windsor, CT. Our doctor of optometry has the training and experience needed to diagnose and treat computer vision syndrome. Make an appointment with Prudhomme Vision today by calling (860) 644-3364.