The visible light from the sun naturally includes all colors of the spectrum. From infrared to ultraviolet, we’re bathed in light of all colors, all day long. In most cases, this is a healthy way to live, but there can be too much of any good thing, even the sun. Visible blue light has the highest energy and shortest wavelength of all the colors, which creates both benefits and dangers. At Prudhomme Vision in South Windsor, we want to make all our patients aware of the dangers of too much exposure and will help you to prevent the outcomes of blue light overload.

Facts About Blue Light

Blue light is everywhere; in fact, it’s what makes the sky look blue to our eyes. In modern times, we’ve created an entire industry that bombards people with more and more blue light every day. You probably deal with multiple sources of blue light every day, including:

  • Computer monitors
  • Television screens
  • LED lights
  • Notebooks and tablets
  • Smartphone screens
  • Other digital devices

A small amount of blue light is good for you. It makes you feel awake and aware and may be the reason people feel more cheerful when they’re out in the sunshine. Human eyes haven’t developed a defense against blue light since it traditionally was a benefit to the body.

It’s a different story today. All that excess blue light adds up over time, giving you that awake and aware feeling for hours after you stop looking at any screen. It contributes to millions of sleepless nights every year in people who sit on a computer or stare at a television right before going to bed.

Other Dangers of Blue Light

Blue light isn’t just annoying; it can be a danger to your eyesight. It contributes to digital eye strain, making it difficult to get through your workday. Excess blue light exposure has also been linked to depression, weight gain, obesity, cancer, and heart disease.

How Our Optometrist Can Help

Whether you wear eyeglasses or not, using glasses with blue light blocking lenses can cut your exposure by a significant amount. It’s especially important to obtain lenses with blue light blocking filters if you work at a computer or are exposed to other digital devices all day. Our optometrist can also add blue light protection to your prescription sunglasses for all-day protection.

Contact Our South Windsor Office

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