Here at Prudhomme Vision it is our duty and honor to serve all your eye care needs. Our South Windsor Optometrists make a promise to oversee your eye care health with specialized knowledge, skill, and utilizing leading technologies.  Dr. Jeremy Prudhomme, Dr. Regan Marquis Prudhomme, and Dr. Haajra Ahmed are willing to go above and beyond to deliver professional, responsive, and reliable care for your entire family’s vision needs.

Eye Care Services Offered by Your South Windsor & Farmington Optometrist

Comprehensive Eye and Vision Exams

If your eye care needs are unknown, visit our clinic for a thorough assessment of your eye health. Routine exams are not just routine here at Prudhomme Vision. We understand that even minute changes in your visual health can affect your global health and functioning. Therefore, having a yearly or bi-yearly eye exam is prudent for all of our patients. We begin by getting a background on your history and symptoms and then closely evaluate your eyes on the inside and outside. Our eye care specialists will also evaluate your eyes to ensure that excessive stress is not being placed on the eye muscles and that the eyes are moving in synchrony with one another. In addition to general vision tests, we also offer specialized tests for visual dysfunctions like glaucoma and macular degeneration. To schedule an appointment for a routine or special eye examination, call us at (860) 644-3364.

Contact Lenses

Did your eye exam reveal the need for corrective vision? Aside from eyeglass assessment and fittings, our friendly team of eye care professionals can also speak with you concerning contact lens that fit your eye functioning and lifestyle requirements. Technological advances have produced a wide range of contact lens from soft daily wear or extended wear lens to more rigid long-term wear options. You can count on our team to offer professional advice about how to insert and remove your lenses as well as how to care for your contact lenses for optimal performance.

Computer Vision

If you are living and breathing in today’s modern world, chances are you spend a great deal of time staring into some technological gadget. Whether it is a computer, tablet, or cellular phone, the light from these devices can wreak havoc on your vision. Signs that your computer use is putting strain on your eye functioning include: blurry vision, dry, scratchy eyes, headaches, eye discomfort, and shoulder or neck pain. See our South Windsor optometrists for an examination of your eyes and helpful solutions to combat computer vision.

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