Prudhomme Vision: Your Manchester Ct Optometrist

Prudhomme Vision Is Your Manchester Optometrist

When you need an eye exam or when you need corrective lenses, our Manchester optometrist can help. At Prudhomme Vision, we provide eye care services that help you protect your vision. From routine eye exams to glaucoma tests and sports vision testing, our optometrist Manchester office provides full service eye and vision care.

High-Quality Care from Our Optometrist in Manchester

When you come to Prudhomme Vision, you can expect to receive dependable care from our optometrist in Manchester, CT. Dr. Jeremy Prudhomme, O.D., Dr. Regan Marquis Prudhomme, O.D. and Dr. Ian Hui all have years of experience providing optometry services. Our eye doctors and the rest of our optometry team are committed to providing each patient with high-quality care for a wide range of eye problems.

Our services include routine eye exams that allow us to check for signs of vision problems or eye diseases and start treating them as soon as possible. Our exams include vision tests to determine if you need glasses or contact lenses or if you need your current prescription adjusted. We can help you choose corrective frames or lenses to make sure you are able to see as clearly as possible. Our other services include tests for glaucoma, an eye disease that can impair your vision when it is left untreated. We offer computer and sports vision services as well. These services can help reduce eye strain from staring at computer screens for hours each day or help improve your performance in athletic activities.

Contact Our Manchester Optometrist for Eye Care

If you are due for your next eye exam or if you are having eye problems, please contact our Manchester optometrist at (860) 644-3364 for an appointment with our eye doctor. We offer eye and vision exams and other eye care services in the Manchester area.

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