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Look Better and See Better with Contact Lenses from Your Manchester CT Optometrist

If you’ve been relying on prescription eyeglasses to see but are not very happy with how they feel when you wear them all day or you are not pleased with how they change your appearance, chances are you have wondered what it would be like to get contact lenses. The first step in getting fitted with contact lenses is to make an appointment with your preferred optometrist in Manchester CT for a consultation and exam.

Bring a List of Optometry Questions

On the day you have an appointment with our optometrist, you may forget some questions or issues to bring up during your consultation. Write down the key points to make sure you don’t forget to ask anything about optometry that concerns you.

For example, you may want to ask our Manchester CT optometrist how long you can wear the lenses every day or how contact lenses might affect your normal routines, from sleeping to showering to playing sports. While our Manchester optometrist will explain everything and has answered questions like yours many times, keeping a list handy is a good idea in case you get distracted.

No Need for Glasses Anymore After Getting Contact Lenses from our Manchester Optometrist

People who dislike fumbling for their eyeglasses every time they need to see something or who find themselves periodically misplacing their glasses often wish they could wear contact lenses instead. At this point, it’s best to find an optometrist with many years of experience to discuss your options.

Not only will contact lenses help improve your appearance and give you an added boost of self-confidence, they will let you see the world around you much more clearly.

Whether you are preparing to get contact lenses for the first time or have experience with contact lenses and optometry exams, working with the right optometrist is crucial. For more information on contact lenses in Manchester CT or to schedule an appointment with our staff, please contact Prudhomme Vision today at 860-612-8681.

Is this your first time getting contact lenses? Please let us know what motivated you to get contact lenses by adding your voice to the comments section below.

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