Know The Difference Between Contact Lenses

Difference Between Contact Lenses From Your Manchester Optometrist

Have you considered contacts but worried they would be hard to get used to or wouldn’t work with your specific vision needs? Prudhomme Vision offers contacts to comfortably correct a number of vision problems. Contact lenses at your optometrist in Manchester CT are available for patients with astigmatism, dry eye, hard-to-fit eyes, and even those who need vision corrected at multiple distances.

Contact Lens Exam at the Eye Doctor

If you are considering an alternative to prescription glasses, the first step is a contact lens exam at the eye doctor to determine if you a good candidate by testing how well you see and evaluating the health and shape of your eyes. At your eye contact lens exam, let the eye doctor know about your daily life including your vision needs at home, school, work or sports activity. We have contacts to be worn daily, occasionally, overnights and during athletics.

Contact Lenses for Vision Conditions

If you have blurred vision due to astigmatism, both soft and rigid gas permeable toric contact lenses are available. Many patients prefer the soft lenses because they are comfortable right away.

Dry Eyes:
Dry-eye suffers can wear soft contacts specifically designed to keep eyes moist and comfortable. Your eye doctor may also prescribe lubricating drops and punctual plugs to help your eyes retain tears.

Patients with presbyopia can clearly see what’s far ahead and what’s right in front of their eyes. Bifocal contact lenses are available in hard, soft and hybrid varieties.

If you have tried regular contacts in the past and found you still had some vision impairment, you may have keratoconus and need contacts specially constructed to optically alter the shape of irregular corneas.

Overnight and Colored Contacts at Your Optometrist in Manchester

Have you ever wondered what you’d look like with a different eye color? We can help. Corrective and non-corrective colored contacts are available at your Optometrist in Manchester CT. We also offer Ortho-K lenses for adults and children, which are only worn while you sleep, eliminating the need for corrective lenses during the day.

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