Information on Eye Floaters

Have you noticed spots in your vision that were never there before? If so, eye floaters are the likely culprit. While age is the main cause of eye floaters, it is not the sole cause. It is time to talk to an optometrist in Manchester if you have concerns about eye floaters.

Possible Causes of Eye Floaters

  • Age is the most common factor in the occurrence of eye floaters. Vitreous is the jelly-like substance inside our eyes. As we age, this substance begins to liquefy, causing its microscopic fibers to clump together. These clumps cast the shadows on your retina that we identify as eye floaters.
  • Inflammation of the layers of the uvea is called posterior uveitis. When these layers in the back of the eye are infected or inflamed, eye floaters may occur.
  • Bleeding that seeps into the vitreous can cause eye floaters whether it is the result of injury or underlying blood vessel issues.
  • Retinal tears usually occur when the vitreous sags and the force subsequently tear the retina. Left untreated, fluid may accumulate behind the retina to the point that it detaches from the back of your eye.

Common Symptoms of Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are spots in your vision. Whether they appear as dark specks or transparent floating strings or webs, they move about when you move your eyes. They are especially noticeable when you look at a plain, bright background but then dart away if you try to look at them. Eventually, they settle and disappear from view for varying periods of time.

When is it Time to Contact an Optometrist near Me?

Any time a sudden change occurs in the frequency or quantity of eye floaters you experience, you should contact your optometrist in Manchester. Flashes of light and loss of peripheral vision are indications of potentially serious conditions that require prompt attention. Symptoms are often painless even though they could be caused by a sight-threatening condition. Give Drs. Prudhomme, Marquis, and Patel from Prudhomme Vision a call at (860) 644-3364 if you find yourself asking, “Is there an optometrist near me that I can trust?”

Are you concerned about the appearance of eye floaters is your vision? Let us know in the comments.

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