Improving Your Performance with Sports Vision at Prudhomme Vision

Improving Your Performance with Sports Vision at Prudhomme Vision in Manchester CT

Participating in sports and improving your game means training, practicing and perfecting your skills, but did you know your vision plays a large part in how well you perform? Sports vision testing at Prudhomme Vision in Manchester CT goes beyond determining your visual acuity. It also tests for depth perception, hand/eye coordination and overall eye function, so that you can react faster and improve your game.

Sports Vision

Sports vision is different than your regular eye exam, which only tests for visual acuity and eye health problems. Sports vision testing is used to determine if you have any problems with tracking and teaming, depth perception, alignment, eye dominance and hand/eye coordination. These additional ocular skills are important for being able to determine the locations of people and objects on the field and to be able to anticipate movements, like where a bouncing ball will land, so that you can react in a timely manner to achieve your in-game goal.

Sports Vision Testing at our Optometry Clinic

Your sports vision exam at our optometry clinic start with a visual acuity test. This is to determine if you have any refractive errors or if you need a new prescription for eyeglasses and contact lenses. Next, we’ll test your depth perception and sensitivity to contrast, which is important when you are interacting with an object that has a similar color as the background. An example would be trying to catch a white ball on a cloudy day.

Our optometrist will also test your peripheral vision, determine your dominant eye and perform tests to ensure that your eyes are working together to track objects. If we find deficiencies in any of these areas, we will recommend various treatment options, which usually include eye exercises. If you need glasses, we offer contact lenses and prescription and non-prescription sports vision glasses.

To schedule an appointment for sports vision testing and an eye exam with our optometrist, call us at (860) 644-3364.

How has sports vision testing helped improve your performance?

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