Importance of Sunglasses During Winter

If you are packing away your sunglasses with your swimming shorts at the end of each summer, it is time to rethink this practice. The winter season may have shorter days, but the sun and ultraviolet (UV) rays continue to beat down this time of year. In addition, UV rays that reflect off of snow can be particularly damaging to your vision. Learn more about the importance of sunglasses in winter from Prudhomme Vision in Manchester.

Do I Need to Wear Sunglasses During the Winter Months?

Yes, you should continue wearing sunglasses throughout the winter season to protect against UV damage. Even on cloudy or cold days, when you are outside, your eyes are exposed to UV rays. In certain conditions, such as on snow or water, the reflection of the UV rays bounces back to your eyes. This makes seeing difficult, but it also means you are being subjected to this damage.

What is the Effect of UV Damage on the Eyes?

UV damage can lead to snow blindness due to the high intensity of the sun. Snow blindness is actually a type of sunburn to the eyes, which is painful and takes about a week to recover from. Over the years, prolonged sun exposure during the winter can lead to vision loss.

How Do I Choose the Right Sunglasses for All Seasons?

The best move to make when purchasing sunglasses for winter and the rest of the year is to get 100 percent UV blocking lenses. These types of sunglasses are designed to block all UV rays efficiently to provide protection for your eyes. To ensure you are receiving authentic 100 percent UV protection, consult with one of our optometrists.

Choose Sunglasses to Use This Winter in Manchester

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