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Getting an annual eye exam is important for your health and happiness! At Prudhomme Vision in Manchester, CT, we administer regular eye exams to all our patients. Whether you’re young and just starting school or older and in the work force, we treat patients of all ages.

Benefits of Eye Exams

There are many reasons to get eye exams!

  • Functionality. Without the ability to see properly, it’s difficult to function at work and home. Children in school who can’t see clearly often find it hard to succeed in class.
  • Safety. Driving adults must be able to see properly in order to operate a motorized vehicle.
  • Comfort. Undiagnosed eye problems can lead to headaches.
  • Quality of life. Eye exams do more than catch vision problems! Eye exams help eye doctors identify eye diseases. Without a proper diagnosis, some eye diseases can lead to blindness or even death. Getting regular eye exams can help patients maintain good quality of life and good health.

When to Get An Eye Exam

At Prudhomme Vision in Manchester, CT, we encourage patients to get annual eye exams, regardless of whether or not they need glasses. In addition, we encourage patients who display symptoms of vision problems and poor eye health to come in for additional exams if necessary. You should come in for an eye exam if you display the following symptoms:

  • Halos in your vision
  • Sudden appearance of floaters
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches from concentrating on screens or blackboards

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