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Prudhomme Vision Discusses Eye Allergies

Suffering from eye allergies requires intervention to treat symptoms effectively. Contact Prudhomme Vision to meet with our optometrist in Manchester if you are having difficulty with your eye health. Here is some information about eye allergies to read over including why seeking optometry assistance from our eye doctor is beneficial if you are suffering from symptoms.

Different Reasons An Eye Allergy May Occur

There are many triggers that could cause uncomfortable symptoms to arise within your eyes. If you wear contact lenses, and they are not completely clean, bacteria upon their surfaces could cause distress in your eyes. Those who are allergic to pet dander or dust may suffer from eye problems if they come into contact with one of these items. An allergy to an eye solution could also arise.

The Symptoms Of An Eye Allergy

There are a few tell-tale signs that an eye allergy is to blame for the distress you are experiencing. Usually, eye allergies are signified by redness, itchiness, or the feeling that a foreign body is present inside of the eye. Those who regularly wear contact lenses may discover that the symptoms become worse when they are inserted.

What To Do If An Eye Allergy Happens

When symptoms of an eye allergy occur, it is best to do your best to avoid any known triggers to help reduce the symptoms quickly. If you suffer from seasonal allergies and your eyes become affected as a part of this situation, remain inside away from pollen, mold spores, or trees until allergens are at lower levels in the area where you live. Do not rub at your eyes in an attempt to reduce itchiness as this action can cause you to scratch your corneas, leading to further difficulties. Wear glasses instead of contact lenses until your eyes feel better.

How Our Eye Doctor Can Help Treat Eye Allergies

If your eye health has deteriorated as a result of an allergic reaction, our eye doctor can assist with treatment options. Keeping a log of the symptoms you are experiencing, in addition to the possible triggers causing them, could be helpful in pinpointing how to go about avoiding these items in the future. Our optometrist will conduct a physical examination of your eyes to check for any scratches that may require medication to avoid infection. Medicated drops may also be prescribed to use when an allergic reaction occurs so symptoms subside quickly and in full.

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