Common Eye Injury Symptoms and Treatments

Eye injuries should always be taken seriously. Even minor injuries can affect your sight. If you’ve suffered an eye injury in an accident or during sports play, see your Prudhomme Vision optometrist for a checkup. Prompt and effective treatment will avoid complications that can impair your sight. The following eye injuries should be treated or monitored by your South Windsor optometry specialist to ensure they heal properly.

Corneal Abrasion

Corneal abrasions are scratches to the surface of your eye. They can occur if you get poked in the eye or if you rub your eye when something is inside (dust, sand, etc.) Eye scratches can be extremely uncomfortable and put you at risk of bacterial infections or fungus. If you’ve suffered a corneal abrasion, see your South Windsor eye doctor at your earliest convenience for treatment.

Foreign Object in Eye

If you spend time outdoors, it’s not unusual for dust, dirt or gnats to enter your eye. These substances can easily be washed out to avoid irritation. If dangerous objects like slivers of wood or metal penetrate your eye, they can cause permanent vision loss. Visit an emergency room or urgent care center immediately to have these objects removed before they cause serious damage to your eyes. Afterward, you can follow up with your South Windsor optometrist to ensure there are no complications with your sight.

Chemicals in Eyes

Chemical spills in the eye are more common than people think. It’s quite easy to accidentally splash or spray a household cleaner or bleach into your eyes. Depending on the product’s composition, chemical spills can cause serious damage to your eyes.

Acidic chemicals can be painful when splashed in your eye but aren’t harmful to your eyes. Alkali substances are more serious, even though they cause less pain. If you accidentally get alkali chemicals in your eye, wash out your eye in warm water for 15 minutes. Then seek medical treatment immediately to avoid damage to your eyes.

Eye Swelling or Bruising

Eye swelling or bruising occurs when there’s trauma to the eye. Sports accidents, auto accidents, and slip and falls can result in trauma to your eye. If you’re involved in a fist fight, you may get a black eye. Putting an ice pack on your eye can reduce swelling and bruising. Afterward, have your eye checked to ensure you have no internal damage.

See Your South Windsor Optometry Specialist for Eye Injuries

For peace of mind, it’s always good to see your optometrist for any type of injury to your eye. We’ll give you a thorough checkup to ensure there’s no serious damage to your vision or eyes. To schedule an appointment with Prudhomme Vision in South Windsor for eye injury treatment, call (860) 644-3364 today.