Amblyopia Services from Your Optometrist in South Windsor

Amblyopia, otherwise referred to as lazy eye, a common condition that develops in young children. Our optometrist at Prudhomme Vision offers vision care services that lower the chance of reduced vision in amblyopia patients in the South Windsor area.

Importance of Exams for Children

Patients with amblyopia face the risk of reduced vision due to missing coordination between their brain and the affected eye.  Although an eye with amblyopia might look normal, it is underused, since the brain favors the other eye.

Amblyopia develops in infancy or early childhood.  Although most patients experience this disorder in one eye, vision problems might develop in both.  Up to 3 percent of the U.S. population suffers from lazy eye.  Some patients lack normal sharpness of vision even with eyeglasses or contact lenses.

The American Optometric Association suggests that a child receive an initial vision exam by the age of 6 months, with a second to follow at age 3.  The earlier our eye doctor can diagnose amblyopia, the higher the odds it can be treated effectively.

Diagnosis can be difficult because amblyopia develops at such a young age.  The most frequent culprit is strabismus.  This disorder results in crossed eyes.  Parents can assure the earliest treatment by conducting simple at-home screenings.  One is looking for signs of any eye misalignment.  Another clue is a child who cries or appears upset when an adult covers just one of the youngster’s eyes.

However, these simple assessments cannot replace comprehensive exams and vision care children need from eye doctors.  Individuals cannot simply outgrow amblyopia without professional treatment.

How Our Optometry Practice Can Help

Our doctors of optometry offer multiple treatment options.  In cases where strabismus is the cause, patching of the affected eye and post-surgical vision therapy can help both eyes function together.

Amblyopia sometimes develops even when a patient’s eyes align perfectly.  This occurs with an uncorrected error in refraction in one eye, such as being farsighted or nearsighted, when the other eye remains normal.  For those cases, prescription eyewear is the traditional therapy.

Some children are better suited to the use of eye drops than to patching.  Computer scenarios that can stimulate improvements in vision are often beneficial for our patients who are adults or older children.

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