Commonly Asked Questions About Contacts

Frequently Asked Questions about Contacts

You saw your optometrist and, between glasses and contacts, you chose the latter. For you, contacts make sense; you can live an active lifestyle without having to worry about accidentally cracking or damaging your glasses. You still have to take care of your contacts as you would a pair of glasses, though. Not sure how? Here are some commonly asked questions about contacts answered by our optometry experts.

How long can I wear contacts?

This depends on the type of contacts you get. Dailies are meant to be used for a single day. These should be disposed of at the end of that day. Weeklies last for up to a week, and monthlies are good for a month.

Can I sleep with contacts?

No, it’s not advised you sleep with contacts in. For optimal eye health, we strongly suggest you take your contacts out before you go to sleep at night.

Can I go swimming with contacts?

No, you should never get your contacts wet. That means showering, swimming, and even sitting by the pool. Otherwise, you’re at risk of getting a corneal ulcer or an eye infection. Take your contacts out before going in the water.

How do I clean contacts?

If you have reusable contacts like weeklies or monthlies, you should clean them. To do so, fill a glass with contact lens cleaning solution. Let the lenses soak overnight. Do not just use plain water.

What if I forgot to take my contacts out?

Sometimes you get exhausted and fall asleep with your contacts still in. This can be risky for your eye health, as your eyes may be inflamed, red, or irritated. In serious cases, you could get a corneal infection or keratitis. Rectify immediately by removing the contacts. Don’t sleep with them in again.

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