Combating Dry Eyes During the Winter

Three Techniques for Combating Dry Eyes During the Winter

A combination of the cold winter air outdoors and blasts of heat indoors contributes to the rapid development of dry eyes. Without the proper care, your dry eyes could cause discomfort that lasts all winter long. Thankfully, you can actively remedy dry eyes to keep the discomfort at bay throughout the entire season and beyond. Here are three techniques to use while combating dry eyes during the winter months.

Rehydrate Early and Often

Since dry eyes are caused by a lack of lubrication, you can rehydrate your eyes using the counter rewetting drops. The drops can be used several times throughout the day, whenever you notice your eyes starting to feel dry and scratchy. Make sure to try several formulas to find the one that works best for your rehydration needs.

Block Wind and Sun Irritants

Harsh winds and even sun rays peeking through the clouds can contribute to the development of dry eyes. You can block these elements from impacting your eye health by wearing sunglasses while outdoors or indoors near bright windows. Make sure the sunglasses have a beneficial UV rating and wide lenses that adequately block wind from reaching your open eyes.

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If these approaches do not have a positive impact on the dry eye symptoms you feel, consider speaking with your optometrist in Manchester to acquire a better solution. Your eye doctor can help assess the cause and severity of your dry eyes to find a prescription ointment or drops that will help relieve the dryness you feel. Your optometrist can also present several treatment procedures that will help keep your eyes hydrated through the winter and beyond.

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