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Finding the Right Colored Contacts for Your Eyes

There are many ways that people like to express their personality through fashion, and in many cases, people don’t necessarily like to look the same every day. Experimenting with different clothes styles has long been popular, as has to switch up the color of their hair. But it is the eyes that offer one of the strongest expressions of a person’s personality. Unlike hair color, you can’t exactly “dye” your eyes, but you can achieve a similar effect by using colored contacts.


Some people have not thought a lot about colored contacts because they are fortunate to have good vision, but it is not necessary to need corrective lenses. But whether or not there is a vision issue to correct, in order to make sure that the contacts fit correctly and work within your eye, it is important that they are fitted by an optometrist after an optometry exam. At Prudhomme Vision in Manchester CT, there are more benefits to seeing a doctor of optometry than just identifying vision problems. An eye exam can also identify general eye health issues long before they would be suspected on their own. For many, getting colored contacts may be the fun excuse they need to sit in the optometrist’s chair. 

Why Consider Colored Contacts

Those who feel that their eyes are dull may want to enhance the natural color of their eye and make it more intense. Others might want to go for a color change that is totally different, such as violet that will really make a statement. Those who do need corrective lenses and don’t want to make a real change to their natural color can still benefit from having a tint to their contact lenses. The tint can make it easier to put contacts in or take them out of the eye, and to find them if they are dropped. 

Types of Colored Contacts

Because the reasons for getting colored contacts vary, there are three main types to choose from depending on your needs; Visibility, Enhancement, and Opaque.

visibility tint is the lightest tint and is more likely to be the choice of a person who needs contacts. The tint is normally close to the color of the natural eye and is chosen for practical purposes to make it easier for the wearer to find the contacts when they are being put into the eye or taken out,

An enhancement tint is most often used for lighter colored eyes and can embolden the color. They work with the natural color in order to make a strong yet subtle statement — the kind that gets others to look twice because they know something is different, but they can’t quite tell what. With darker colored eyes, enhancement tints will usually not be enough to change the color of the eye. If you’re looking to make your “brown eyes blue” it is best to talk to your Manchester CT optometrist about an opaque tint.

When the eye color change is a far reach from the original, opaque tinted lenses are the way to go. This can be used to change dark colored eyes to light, or if exotic color lenses are desired for costume purposes. 

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