Choosing the Right Glasses for Your Lifestyle

Choosing the right glasses takes more than picking out the most appealing frame. In order to get long-term satisfaction, you need to keep your lifestyle in mind. This should guide not only your frame choice but your choice of lens upgrade options as well. Here are a few key points to be sure to consider:

The Lenses

Your optometrist in Manchester will examine your eyes and prescribe all of the essential aspects of the lenses, so you won’t have to worry about this part. However, you will get to choose extras like anti-scratch coating, UV coating, anti-glare treatments, Transitions lenses, and more.

Which of these you should take depends on your lifestyle. Each extra has its own benefits, so ask about them all. Your doctor may also recommend some specific ones if he or she thinks they will be of special value to you.

The Frames

Your lifestyle is once again the key factor to keep in mind when picking out the frames. Delicate glasses, for example, won’t please you in the long run if you’re highly active or you’re simply prone to dropping your spectacles. If you expect your glasses to have to endure a lot of wear and abuse, get sports frames – they’re thicker and can take much more of a beating.

Like lenses, frames can come with a variety of upgrades. Thick sports glasses often have vent holes to prevent fogging and increase comfort, some thin metal ones can spring back after being bent, and wraparounds provide some protection from side impacts. The bendable glasses will advertise what they are, so you won’t have to wonder or find out the hard way.

Frames come in a wide range of sizes. It’s best to get measured before you even look at frames so that you don’t end up looking at any that won’t fit you. This will prevent disappointment by ensuring that you can indeed buy and wear the ones you’ve chosen.

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