Bifocal Contacts

Bifocal Contacts In Manchester CT

If you are considering bifocal contacts in Manchester CT we want to help you make the right decision. Dr. Jeremy Prudhomme is your optometrist providing comprehensive vision care at Prudhomme Vision. Learn what to expect from Dr. Prudhomme in regards to testing your vision and choosing whether or not bifocal contacts are right for your vision needs.

What Vision Correction Issues Are Bifocal Contacts Used for?

Individuals who have refractive errors or age-related vision loss may benefit from bifocal contacts. Refractive errors are better known as astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. The way bifocal contacts work is by including two prescriptions for vision correction within one contact lens. When wearing bifocal contacts you will notice a distinct line of separation between the two different areas of lens correction. 

How Does My Optometrist Determine If I Need Bifocal Contacts?

The first step in getting bifocal contacts is to get a comprehensive eye exam by your optometrist. This allows Dr. Prudhomme to test your vision to see exactly which prescription strengths you will need in your contact lenses. By choosing Prudhomme Vision for your eye exam and contact fitting you can save time and money since everything is completed in-house. 

What can I Expect When I Visit Dr. Prudhomme for Optometry Services and Bifocal Contacts?

Individuals who go to Dr. Prudhomme appreciate the all-inclusive services at Prudhomme Vision. You are able to see one eye doctor for all of your eye care needs from complete eye exams to contact lenses and vision testing. This allows you to develop a trusting relationship with your optometrist. As your vision needs change over time Dr. Prudhomme will be able to detect these changes more easily with regular exams. As a result your bifocal contacts will continue to be at the optimal prescription strength to suit your vision correction issues. 

Bifocal Contacts in Manchester CT

If you are ready to get bifocal contacts in Manchester CT from your trusted eye doctor Dr. Prudhomme is ready to assist you. Prudhomme Vision provides optometry services for patients in Manchester, Hartford, East Hartford, Storrs, and Bloomfield. Contact Prudhomme Vision at (860) 644-3364 to schedule an appointment for a complete eye exam and bifocal contact fitting.

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