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Bifocal Contacts in Manchester Available At Prudhomme Vision

Here at Prudhomme Vision, our Manchester optometrist offers bifocal contacts. If you wear bifocal glasses, you may be a good candidate for multi-focal contacts. Recent changes in bifocal lens technology have made contacts for individuals that need reading glasses as well as a distance prescription easier and more comfortable to wear. This means that if you want to buy contacts in Manchester that correct both near and distance vision, you now have contact lens options.

Vision Problems Corrected with Multifocal Contacts

Bifocal and multifocal contacts primarily correct presbyopia, which is an age-related condition that makes it hard to see objects and read words up close. Individuals with uncorrected presbyopia often find themselves holding books and menus at arms’ length in order read them.

Types of Bifocal Contacts in Manchester, CT

If you are looking for bifocal contacts in Manchester, CT, there are three types. The first type is called a translating lens. These multi-focal contacts work similarly to bifocal glasses with the distance vision at the top of the lens and the near vision at the bottom. The second type is the aspheric multi-focal lens. This type of lens offers near vision in the center of the lens and distance vision slightly farther from center. The third type of lens is called a concentric lens. Concentric lenses have near and distance vision correction throughout the lens in rings.

Choosing the Right Bifocal Lens with our Optometrist in Manchester

If you have presbyopia or another condition that makes it difficult for you to see objects and words up close, our optometrist in Manchester can help you right the right multi-focal lens for your eyes. We can order soft, hard and hybrid multi-focal lenses, and our optometrist can explain all the pros and cons of each lens material as well as each type of lens.

To schedule a contact lens exam to see if bifocal contact lenses would work for you and to buy contacts in Manchester, call us at (860) 644-3364.

What advantages have you noticed after wearing multi-focal contact lenses from our Manchester optometrist?

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