7 Signs You Might Have Cataracts

It’s a mistake to wait until we notice problems with our vision or experience discomfort to seek care. The best eye care is preventative, and the best time to schedule an appointment with Prudhomme Vision of Manchester is today.

Modern optometry confronts many challenges unique to our times (excessive screen time, fireworks safety), but the most common conditions are often the oldest. Treatments have improved dramatically, but early detection is still key to optimal eye care.

Possible Warning Signs of Cataracts

1. Blurry or Clouded Vision – If the world looks a little fuzzier than it used to, like as if you were watching a blurry, low-resolution video all the time, you may be developing cataracts.

2. The “Halo” Effect – This can be quite artistic in photography or other forms of artistic expression. It’s not something you want happening when you’re trying to drive.

3. Light Sensitivity – While there are several possible causes for this sort of discomfort, cataracts are one of the most common. Bright lights can become literally painful. At the very least they make it difficult to focus.

4. Yellows and Browns – If it looks like you’re wearing tinted sunglasses and people tell you your clothes don’t match, it could be from clouding, which is typical of cataracts.

5. Seeing Double – It’s safe to assume this is always a bad sign. Double vision (“diplopia”) in one eye is often related to (you guessed it) … cataracts.

6. You Need Stronger Glasses – If you’re getting by with cheap reading glasses from the drugstore (a whole other issue we’ll address another time) and keep switching to higher magnifications, it could be cataracts. (Even if it’s not, it’s certainly SOMETHING you should have checked!)

7. No Obvious Symptoms – That’s right. Sometimes cataracts are developing before you even notice there’s a problem. Regular eye exams are essential for early detection of this or any of a wide range of possible issues.

Why Wait?

Prudhomme Vision in Manchester is ready to talk to you about cataracts or anything else impacting your vision, comfort, and long-term health. Give us a call today to get started.


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